Director of photography and co-editor for a seven-part video series across North America from Roca Patrón, showcasing the chefs and mixologists who put heart and soul into their one-night-only Secret Supper events.

Our team traveled to seven different locations, including New Orleans, Louisiana; Denver, Colorado; Portland, Maine; Santa Fe, New Mexico; Monterrey, California; Oakland, California; Atotonilco El Alto, Mexico.

These are the four selected episodes out of seven.
Client: Patrón
Director: Stephen Mlinarcik
Producer: Concetta Morabito & Tj Docena
Director of Photography: Giancarlo Bauzulli
Editors: Stephen Mlinarcik & Giancarlo Bauzulli
Camera Operators: Giancarlo Bauzulli & Stephen Mlinarcik
Drone: Tj Docena