“Keep the Car Runnin” by Sam Island

PRODUCED BY: Sam Island, Zac Cooper, Colin Miller, Ethan Baechtold


STARRING: Sam Island @breathewithbre Zac Cooper
PROD CO: Summit Film
DIRECTOR: Giancarlo Bauzulli
AD: Spencer Kelly
PRODUCERS: Nico Guerra Spencer Kelly
DP: Kent Willard
EDITOR: Giancarlo Bauzulli
COLORIST: Kyle Messina
VFX ARTIST: Rasanath Razzy Escalona, Invisible Work
HORSE WRANGLER: Savannah Rogers
PICTURE CAR: Gray McClamrock
SPECIAL THANKS: JR’s Rodeo, Frog Level Brewing, Sky Lanes AVL,
The Double Crown, Treasure Club Asheville
EQ RENTAL: Summit Camera.