An Adidas Originals Instagram brand film for the 2018 Originals Is Never Finished campaign, featuring Dua Lipa, Miles Silvas, Playboi Carti, Lu Han, A$AP Ferg, Nick Young, Kaytranada, Marcelo Vieira, Florencia Galarza, and Adrianne Ho.

The vision for the film was to promote Adidas Originals by communicating the idea that the brand is always on the forefront of what’s on trend. I pulled together playful and intimate moments with each influencer to create an illusion that the viewer is seamlessly traveling between their worlds.
Agency: Annex 88
Producers: TJ Docena
Art Director: Nikki Miraseid
Role: Editor
Platforms & Brand Social Channels: 
Instagram Stories + Feed, Facebook + Twitter. Talent Social Channels: Instagram Stories + In-feed